Right for Me?

As we are in Los Angeles, I often work with individuals who need to portray mastery in a time-crunch; building the most complete combination of martial attacks and movement in small amounts of time. While nothing can substitute years of hard work, the unique way JACORVA study unfolds ensures the most solid and golden performance possible at any point in training. JACORVA provides the most effective and comfortable skill-set because each build is tuned specifically to the practitioner.

In addition, JACORVA might be a good fit if you are attracted to:

  • traditional martial arts, but due to time constraints, cannot study a system that takes years to attain basic applicable technique.
  • the movement and exchanges in combat sports like UFC and Bellator, but prefer not to attend a dedicated mma/boxing gym or compete in the cage.
  • fight choreography while maintaining awareness of the movements’ martial aspects.
  • martial arts as a permanent aspect of your life and want modern fight science, classical pedigree, and bold aesthetic built into the foundation from day one.

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Martial Arts Builds