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Interview/Article about JACORVA  fight choreography concepts and stunt fighting at http://www.tonynunezmma.com/wki-magazine-article–12–jamisin-matthews.html



Be Waters

Had the pleasure of training the cast of this upcoming feature

Room For One More

Hey guys I have room in my schedule to work with one new person or project. Burbank studio private lockout or Los Angeles area options. Please reach out or DM through my instagram @JMSNTV

Jacorva tri-lateral construction or asymmetrical emphasis on traditional martial arts, creative mma striking, or action acting.


Thinkin’ I’m Back. Again

So when I first started teaching again, I posted a photo on my instagram (JMSNTV) saying “I’m thinking I’m back”. This was around the time of the first John Wick and the phrase was catchy.

Fast forward to this weekend; I’m taking an mini-intensive with 87Eleven, the stunt crew who choreographed both John Wicks. It’s full circle because I haven’t worked out under a professional action design group since Just Cause.  And one of the owners of JAM (where this event is taking place) is Arron who appears in most of my choreography footage from those days. He also happens to be in like every action movie.

I look forward to learning and adjusting ALOT of movement.

10000 x 10000

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

Another quote, usually attributed to Bruce Lee, and in typical Lee fashion, ambiguously crafted to mean everything to everyone. Figuratively, it implies that you are better off practicing a few effective techniques repetitively. Often, it is used an excuse to not investigate alternative moves. And btw, this same quote often features 1,000 as the magic number of mastery. But we will stick with the even more difficult 10,000.

If we break it down to left and right, this equals 5000 kicks per leg per year. In a 52 week year (taking two weeks off, which many of us never do), that breaks down to 100 repetitions per week. Even if you only practice martial arts 5 days per week, that would come out to 20 kicks per day. That’s not even a warmup for most martial artists and combat sports players.

So go ahead and put your year in, but please take the opportunity to open your eyes to more kicks and moves so that you can have a more diverse library to choose from. And don’t forgot, Bruce more likely practiced and/or evaluated 10,000 moves 10,000 times.

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