The design aspect of fighting is integral to my practice. As the newest martial artists move further away from the classical martial arts toward the current incarnation of MMA, there is a perceived de-emphasis on the “art”.

However, the most effective modern cage fighters tend to have beautiful form. Yes, it looks different than an advanced kata or a flowing wushu set, but this fighting toolkit has not been separated from its combative (yes, I understand it is martial sport, but that is another discussion) MMA context.

Don’t forget, many traditional styles were the non-traditional rogue mixed styles of their day. Praying Mantis, Wing Chun, American Kenpo, etc. were new arts developed as contrasts to the previous generation’s fighting design. These styles probably looked strange and unrefined to those preferring the previous evolution of their day. Even vintage JKD, revolutionary in the early 1970’s, has an almost classical feel nowadays.


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