Zen and the Art of Martial Arts Builds

Having spent years around custom bike culture, I apply the moto verbage “build” to JACORVA. Many potential motorcycle owners are attracted to bikes readily available on the showroom floor. Sometimes, that buyer knows exactly what will make the perfect purchase. More likely, she or he ends up with a first bike that doesn’t exactly suit them and it becomes neglected or traded.

After going through a few cycles, a small percentage of enthusiasts will discover they need to design and fabricate their perfect two-wheeled extension; or find someone who can. When constructing a bike for a client, a competent builder will consider personality, knowledge, physiology, skill, lifestyle, resources, needs, dreams and wishes.

I apply JACORVA construction the same way. One guy might desire a repertoire based around a kick he saw on a UFC highlight reel, an actor may wish to put together an open-ended form with the requirement that every movement adds to a continuously evolving audition set, while yet another person may want to go ahead trust me to instinctually create something for lifestyle and fitness with an emphasis classical martial arts, etc.

By the way “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” is IMO a life-changing book in its analysis of how we perceive quality in all things.


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