Hall of the Masters

Those who have shared knowledge with me (roughly in order of elder status)

James Wing Woo (R.I.P. 27 August 2014) – One of the most influential people in 20th century martial arts. Appeared in Lethal Weapon 4, Replacement Killers, etc.
Wing Woo’s teachings rebooted my tai chi and made a lasting impression on all of my stance transitions and posture. I was lucky to have been the last student he took on.

Jianhua Guo – Championship Martial Arts Academy. Previous head coach, Wuhan Institute, China.
Master Gou provided my traditional oldschool  martial arts education.

*Daniel Pesina – Senior instructor, Mortal Kombat’s Jonny Cage, Scorpion, SubZero, etc. Now owns and operates his own school. Danny informed much of my weapon and group presentation work.

*Tony Marquez – Senior instructor, Mortal Kombat‘s Kung Lao. Now owns and operates his own school, EKF.
Tony was the world-class forms guy who set an example for me by taking a legitimate interest in combat sports.tony-marquez


Arthur D’Agostino – 7th Generation Praying Mantis Master under Grand Master Pui Chan and founder of Jade Mountain (named after 5th Generation Lee Kwan Shan); accomplished Freestyle Wrestler.
Sifu Art’s Jade Mountain brand of Wah Lum Praying Mantis was my stylized choice of traditional martial arts.

Taimak – Champion kickboxer, Actor, Jiu-jitsu expert, Trainer, sometimes Pro-wrestler.
Taimak’s influence provided a more power oriented-brand striking and especially traditional kicking technique.

Rueben Langdon – Producer, MoCap artist, Voiceover artist, Stuntman, Choreographer, Actor, Model, Documentarian.
Lungbin provided my formal education in fighting for film and acting for action.

Li Jing – Wushu coach, Stunt performer. Celebrity trainer. Owns and operates Wushu Star .
Li Jing updated my Chinese martial arts and Praying Mantis.


Blaise Fitzgerald – Wrestling coach, Tae Kwon Do Master, owns and operates Burbank Tae Kwon Do.
Blaise offered an understanding of wrestling and many freestyle sparring opportunities.


Alfo, Sevok, Christine, Edmond at Glendale Fighting Club
Pro tips and how to build combos from a gym with no less than three UFC fighters in attendance every day.


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